Bloom is reopening with a limited schedule on
July 9, 2020! Browse details and FAQ's below. 


As you may know, Yoga Studios have been given the go ahead to reopen this Summer with several restrictions. We have been working tirelessly to piece together a selection of offerings that abides by these guidelines, and are very proud of what we’ve put together for you!

Staffing is somewhat limited at this time, so we ask that you please browse our FAQ section before contacting Bloom! If you do not find the answer to your question, please email us at Email is the best form of communication, as we have not always been in the office to answer the phone. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days. :)

Monthly Crew Members: a detailed email was sent to you on 6/23/20 in regards to your Memberships and Accounts. If you did not receive it, please contact us at


Bloom has rented a large 30’x45’ tent, which has been set up in the back of our parking lot. We’ll be offering 18 weekly Yoga and Fitness Classes underneath the tent, for the rate of $15 per class (Class Packages and Memberships do not apply). The tent has ample space for social distancing (we can fit around 25 people with 6’ between mats) and will offer a beautiful, shaded environment for Yoga and Fitness in the fresh air. Please read through our FAQ section for more information on pricing, etc! In addition, here are a few important guidelines to make note of:

  • Masks do not need to be worn throughout your class, but MUST be worn while checking in, setting up, using bathrooms, exiting tent, etc. No mask, no entry. 

  • All clients MUST bring their own yoga mat / props, and mats will not be available to borrow

  • We strongly urge you to bring a beach towel to go underneath your mat - this will keep your mat dry and clean, and will provide extra cushion

  • Pre-registration and pre-payment is required. Walk ins will not be accepted.

  • Please practice social distancing during check in and stand on the marked lines. Align the top of your yoga mat up with one of the spray painted flowers underneath the tent.

  • Please leave your bags in the car. You should only bring the essentials into the tent - keys, water, shoes, etc.

  • Bathrooms will be available, but please only use them if absolutely necessary so that we can minimize risk as much as possible.

  • Water fountains will not be available indoors - please bring your own water bottle. 

  • In the event of heavy rain / thunderstorms, class will be cancelled. If we choose to cancel, you will receive an email within 60 minutes of the class start time. Cancellations will also be posted on our class schedule


In addition to our Outdoor Yoga & Fitness Classes, we will be offering a variety of Small Group Indoor Series. Options will include Yin, Restorative, Bootcamp, and more! Capacities for each Series have been set based on State Guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, and will include ample space for social distancing (between 6-12’ depending on the intensity and nature of the class). Browse through our FAQ section to learn more about pricing, guidelines, etc!


Are you ready to get back to Bloom, but feel hesitant to work out in a group setting? We would love to put together a Private Series for you and a group of friends or family members! Any of our Indoor Four Week Series can be adapted for your own Private Group. Options include Yin, Gentle, or Bootcamp. We can take up to 9 people (with 6' between mats) for Yin and Gentle Yoga, and up to 6 people (12' between mats) for Bootcamp Series. 


In addition to providing custom Private Series here at Bloom, we're also offering the option to "Rent a Yogi" and bring a private Bloom class to your own backyard! Gather a small group of friends or family in your outdoor space and Bloom will come to you. This can be offered as a one time event (perfect for socially distanced Birthdays!) or as an ongoing weekly Series. Please note, that our Rent-A-Yogi option can only be offered in an outdoor space, and must include 6' between each mat (in accordance with state guidelines). 


Pricing will vary depending on the type of class, time, instructor, group size, and location. Follow the link below to request a quote!



Can I use my Class Package / Crew Membership / New Client Trial Pass towards the cost of an Outdoor Yoga Class or Series?

No, unfortunately Class Packages, Memberships, and Trial passes cannot be applied towards Outdoor Classes and Small Group Series. The new guidelines for Yoga Studios have taken a massive toll on our business’s livelihood and have greatly increased our overhead costs (PPE, extra cleaning staff, tent rental, etc, plus our full monthly overhead costs). In addition we have gone from being able to offer nearly 60 classes per week to just 18. In order to ensure that the Studio can survive the Summer months, we have had to temporarily restructure our pricing options. Your “pre-covid” Passes will remain frozen and you will not lose any time on them. All expiration dates will be extended as needed, based on the length of our closure. Your passes will be available for use again once we are able to reopen to our full capacity indoors. We are so grateful for your understanding and support, and we hope you’ll consider joining us under the tent, or inside for a small group Series!


How much do the Outdoor Series / Classes cost?

Outdoor Classes are priced at a flat rate of $15 per class. No discounts apply (such as senior or student). Series are priced individually, based on the Series type. They range between $59-$99 for a four week program. Classes and Series MUST be prepaid online and we will not be able to accept payments at the front desk. 


Will I have to wear a mask during my class?

Masks will NOT be required during class, but they WILL be required any time you are off your yoga mat. We don’t know about you, but the idea of working out with a mask on gives us extreme claustrophobia! In accordance with State Guidelines, we will be requiring significant distance between mats which allows us to remove our masks during our practices. That being said, YOU DO NEED A MASK ANYTIME YOU ARE OFF OF YOUR YOGA MAT, so please bring one along with you and wear it before / after your practice, and when using the bathrooms.

What happens if my class gets cancelled due to weather? 

In the event of heavy rain or thunderstorms, classes will be cancelled. If we choose to cancel due to weather we will notify you by email within 60 minutes of the class start time (please be sure you have the correct email on your MindBody account, so that you receive notifications!). The cancellation will also be posted on our Class Schedule. Refunds are not available, however you will be able to use your purchase towards any future Outdoor Class of your choosing. 


I’m interested in taking an Indoor Series but I’m not able to make it to all four dates. Do you offer prorating?

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer prorating at this time. We have had to greatly reduce the capacities for our Indoor Series, due to Social Distancing requirements. Our instructors are paid based on attendance, so to ensure that each Series meets it’s overhead we cannot provide prorating. You are not required to come to all four classes, but keep in mind that we cannot provide any refunds or credits for missed classes. 


Can I still borrow a Yoga Mat / Blanket / Bolster / Blocks / etc during class?

NO, for your safety we will not be sharing props or mats. You MUST bring your own yoga mat for every class and series, and mats will not be provided. For blankets, bolsters, blocks, etc - the only time we will be providing them is during our indoor Restorative Yoga Series, and props will be thoroughly washed and sanitized after each use. Otherwise, if you would like to use props you MUST bring your own. For outdoor classes, we also recommend that you bring a beach towel to place under your mat or to use as a make-shift yoga blanket, as the pavement might be hard on your knees.


Will there be weights available during the fitness classes?

Weights will NOT be provided during Outdoor Classes under the tent. All Outdoor Classes have been modified to run without the use of weights. You are welcome to bring weights from home for our HIIT classes ONLY. Please bring small dumbbells only, no large equipment or kettlebells will be allowed. Please keep in mind that Instructors have designed each HIIT class without weights in mind, and will not be providing guidance on the use of weights. However, you are welcome to mix them into your workout as you see fit, and at your own risk. As far as our indoor Bootcamp Series - weights WILL be provided and will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after use.


Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

YES! Space is very limited so please register ahead of time. If your plans change and you are no longer able to attend, kindly cancel your reservation with as much notice as possible so that someone else can take your spot.


Can I pay for my class at the front desk, or do I need to pay ahead of time?

You MUST pay for your class ahead of time, and sign up online. We are unable to accept walk ins, or cash payments at this time, and all classes must be prepaid.


Are there any other guidelines I should know of?

Bloom is going above and beyond to create a safe and serene environment for you! Here are a few other guidelines to observe:


1. Masks are required whenever you are off of your mat. Clients without masks will not be allowed admission into the tent or studio.

2. Mats and props will NOT be provided. All clients must bring their own yoga mats and props.

3. Weights will NOT be provided during Outdoor Classes under the tent. All Outdoor Classes have been modified to run without the use of weights, however you are welcome to bring weights from home if you would like to add extra resistance. Please bring small dumbbells only, no large equipment or kettlebells will be allowed. Weights WILL be provided during indoor Bootcamp Series, and will be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly after each use.

4. Changing rooms and showers will be closed, and we ask that you arrive dressed for your practice and avoid changing in our space.

5. Bathrooms will be available, however we ask that you only use the bathroom when absolutely necessary. Bathrooms will be cleaned diligently before and after each class.

6. We ask that you leave your personal belongings in the car. Please do not bring purses and bags into the tent or studio. Clients should only bring the necessities (keys, shoes, water, etc)

7. Water fountains and water coolers will be closed. Please bring your own water bottles.

8. Towel Service will NOT be available (this includes hand towels, bath towels, and cool lemongrass towels).

9. Please come prepared for the elements when attending an Outdoor Class. 

- While the tent provides plenty of shade, we still recommend that you wear sunscreen.

- Bring a water bottle (indoor water fountains and coolers will not be available). 

- Dress in layers, especially during evening classes, as the temperatures might shift throughout class.

- Consider wearing bug spray during the evening.

- Consider bringing a beach towel to place underneath your mat or to use as a make-shift yoga blanket - as the pavement might be hard on your knees. 

10. Lastly - please practice patience and kindness!!! These changes are new for all of us, and stress levels are high for everyone. Please be kind to your fellow yogis and to Bloom Staff as we all adjust to this “new normal.” 

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