Bloom was established in 2010 by a Mother / Daughter Team - Julie Wallace and her daughters Morgan and Bethany Wallace


Owner / Instructor / Holistic Life Coach


Julie’s dedication to the instruction of yoga and fitness, and her holistic approach for healthy living, resonates through her life experiences as well as the programs offered at Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios.  Having experienced the transformative power of yoga in her own life, she is a strong believer in yoga as an essential healing element for both mind and body.  She is committed to bringing the gift of yoga and wellness to her students in an arena of comfort and safety. Julie is trained extensively in Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga and received her core training from the prestigious Yoga Vidya Gurukul located in Nasik, India. In addition, Julie holds certifications in Prenatal Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga. Outside of yoga, Julie is a certified Life Mastery Coach and owner of the Bloom School of Life Mastery Coaching. She opened Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios in Southington, CT in September of 2010 with the objective of providing quality health and wellness programs to the Hartford area. Since opening her doors in 2010, Bloom has grown into a community of more than 5,000 clients and over 40 dedicated instructors and staff members. 



Owner / Instructor


Bethany was first introduced to yoga in 2004 while studying dance at The University of Colorado. She found that yoga helped ease the aches and pains of her dancer body and provided a quiet space in her hectic schedule. After only a few classes, she knew she had to share her love of yoga through teaching. Soon after, she began studying under the instruction of Barbara Ruzansky at West Hartford Yoga, where she completed her 200-hour yoga teacher certification. Bethany continued her studies training with Ellen Heed, Jill Miller, Jillian Pransky, Ray Long, Heather Tiddens, and others. Bethany is a certified Prenatal Yoga teacher, Restorative Yoga teacher, and is registered with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour experienced yoga teacher. She is also a trained BarSculpt instructor.


Bethany’s passion is bringing yoga into underserved communities. She has worked with the Alzheimer’s Resource Center in Southington and has volunteered yoga classes with the Connecticut State Veteran’s home in Rocky Hill, Girl Scouts of America, and The Bridge.


Owner / Instructor


Morgan’s passion for yoga quickly developed after attending her first class in 2006. At the time, she was a competitive dancer and hoped that yoga would help her maintain her flexibility. She found that practicing yoga not only provided her with the physical benefits she was seeking, but also improved the wellbeing of her mind and spirit. Desiring to share her love of yoga with others, and to deepen her understanding of the practice, Morgan made the decision to become a certified Yoga Instructor. In the summer of 2007, Morgan began her training at the world-renowned Kripalu Yoga Center. Under the guidance of Brahmani Liebman and Jashoda Edmunds, Morgan received her 200 Hour yoga teacher training certificate and became certified through Yoga Alliance. As a health enthusiast and lover of all forms of movement, Morgan also enjoys teaching Barre, Yoga Sculpt, and Kickboxing classes. In 2011, Morgan received a certification in Group Fitness through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and most recently became a certified PiYo Strength Instructor. Morgan’s classes offer a unique blend of styles, where students of all levels enjoy the comforts of a warm, safe, and friendly environment.


Bloom is proud to have a team of passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated instructors and staff members. 




Alisa is a Registered Yoga Teacher trained in vinyasa as well as the quiet practices of yin and restorative yoga.  Alisa is also an AFAA certified Group Fitness and Pilates Instructor and continues to expand her experience.  Alisa found yoga more than 10 years ago after the birth of her first child.  As a new mother with a demanding corporate career she was initially drawn to yoga as a way to find balance in a sometimes unbalanced world.  It was originally the quiet time for reflection and movement that drew her to yoga, but it was a chronic back injury and illness that kept bringing her back to the mat as a way to heal and a way to compliment other physical exercise.  She believes in the benefits of yoga for all, including athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  Her fitness and yoga classes will nourish both the body and mind, providing strength, flexibility and balance.  Alisa discovered that lessons we learn on the mat can be much more meaningful in daily life off the mat and looks forward to sharing that with others.




Alexa passion for yoga and fitness began over six years ago, when she started her journey at Bloom.  Alexa has been a dancer since a young age, and as such yoga was a natural transition.  Alexa found that yoga and fitness not only improved her physical wellbeing but gave her a renewed sense of self and brought more positivity into her life, which she now shares with everyone she meets.  Alexa has lived a natural and holistic lifestyle since a young age, and is excited to share these practices with others.


Most recently Alexa completed an apprenticeship under the direction of Morgan Wallace, she looks forward to continuing her education by one day pursuing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certification.


Alexa’s teaching style draws for various disciplines, including her dance background, strength training, and various yoga styles.  Alexa offers a fun welcoming environment for beginners, and people who have fitness for many years.




Angela was introduced to yoga at the end of 2012 and made it her New Year's resolution to incorporate more yoga into her fitness routine the following year. During that time, she experienced first-hand  how yoga can not only help transform  the body but, more importantly, the mind. This past year Angela went on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica at Two Rivers Sanctuary, completed the 200-hour teacher training at Bloom Yoga Fitness and will be completing the Prenatal Yoga Teacher certification this fall. It is her hope that you find  yoga brings balance to your life, while simultaneously inspiring you to challenge yourself and maintain a mind-body connection.

Outside of the yoga classroom she enjoys taking her practice to new heights with aerial yoga or to the water on a stand up paddle board. Angela's other passions include: running, spinning, snowboarding, nutrition, being a biology professor and volunteering for the American Cancer Society.




Beth is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) who completed her yoga teacher training at Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios in Southington, CT. She has also completed Restorative training under the direction of Jillian Pransky and is a certified Les Mills Body Flow instructor.


Beth discovered her love for yoga when her children were young. As a youth she was involved in dance and gymnastics and was always drawn to fitness activities. As her children were growing up she found herself driven to coach youth sports to continue staying active. Still wanting more, she decided to try yoga as a way to make time out for herself by being able to let go and rebalance. She was immediately drawn to both the physical and mental benefits of yoga.


Now with her children grown and life’s pace slowing down a little Beth wanted to deepen her yoga practice. She had always sought out growth experiences and began to follow her passion to learn more about well-being and decided to attend yoga teacher training. It exposed her to yoga as a complete lifestyle.  Most people find that yoga helps them to feel more peaceful, relaxed, focused, and energetic. Those are the main reasons that bring her to the mat everyday. Beth wants to help others experience the wonderful mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. 


Beth believes in making yoga accessible to a wide range of people by respecting the uniqueness of each person. Her classes are based on Vinyasa flow yoga, using movement to safely warm up the muscles and joints, integrated with the breath to help the body and mind to relax and focus. Through guidance and encouragement she likes to lead her class through gentle sequences to make them feel more at home in their body becoming stronger, more flexible, and empowered.


Beth is dedicated to being a forever student of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. She finds it a great joy and privilege to be able to share her love of yoga with you. 




Cathy’s journey with yoga began three years ago when she decided that she needed more than just the gym experience.  She found the mind, body and spirit connection that yoga offers to be transformative. In a desire to deepen her practice, she completed a 200 hour teaching training through Bhogah Yoga School and is a Yoga Alliance 200 RYT.  After completing the training, Cathy knew that she had to share the amazing gift of yoga with others so she pursued teaching.  Cathy is committed to continuing her training and yoga journey having taken Kids Yoga teacher training and looking forward to working on her 500 hour certification.  She has taught in an elementary after-school program in the city of New Britain and also teaches in Bhogah Yoga’s teacher training programs.


In addition to yoga, Cathy has a passion for new adventures, such as riding motorcycles, travel and wine.  She strives to bring her enthusiasm for living, positive outlook and humor to her classes for adults and children. 


Cathy is an accountant by trade, but intends to spend her post-accounting life teaching yoga on beautiful beaches underneath flowing palm trees (and becoming the first middle-aged woman astronaut!)




Clem shares her love for yoga by helping students obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. She completed her 200 hour YOGASpirit® Studios Teacher Training from Kim Valeri in Hamden, CT. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance® as RYT 200 hour, and CPR and Standard First Aid certified. Dedicated to the art of yoga, Clem has attended well over 100+ hours of training with various master yoga teachers including Seane Corne, Bender Birch, Rod Stryker, Amy Reed, Jarvis Chen, Jill Miller, Tias Little, Anne Greene, and Judith Lasater. As a real estate agent since 1985, Clem understands yoga as a vital force to de-stress and re-energize the body in today’s hectic lifestyle. Teaching yoga since 2008, her classes support students in balancing the body, mind, and spirit.




Daneil believes that the key to becoming her best self is to invest in her health both mentally and physically. She has been a fitness instructor for nearly ten years since receiving her spinning certification through Madd Dog Athletics in 2006. She then went on to receive her PIYO Strength certification in 2012 and her AFAA Group Training Certification in 2013. She has a minor in health sciences earned at Quinnipiac University, and continuously educates herself on health and wellness so that she may be a knowledgeable and inspiring instructor.
Daneil is committed to building her client’s strength through focused, safe, and tailored fitness classes. She aims to provide a platform where client’s of all backgrounds and abilities will be challenged to push their limits in a supportive environment, and celebrate their successes. Daneil hopes to help her client’s feel stronger and more empowered after every class.

Work to Practice & Reception Manager

Jenn Frontiero, our Reception and Work to Practice Manager, came to Bloom in 2016 as a Work to Practice Volunteer after taking Bethany's Restorative Workshop and deciding that she needed to take all of Renee's chakra themed Multi Level classes. She is passionate about cooking, reading, and is a continuous learner of all things holistic. She is a certified Holistic Life Coach and is currently enrolled in Bloom's 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. She enjoys interacting with our clients and staff, offering love and laughter where she can. When she's not here at Bloom, she enjoys traveling, playing, and adventuring with her family.



Jennie attended her very first yoga class one chilly fall afternoon in 2006. As she entered into Savasana at the end of that first class, something unexpected happened. For the first time ever, she experienced her mind and body coming to a halt. She experienced a state of quiet, meditative peace. She had no idea what hit her, but she was knew she was hooked and needed to learn and experience more.

Yoga has since met Jennie along her life path, growing and shifting with her as her life bloomed around her. Through every trial, triumph, and evolution of life, yoga was always there to support her in the background. Eventually, Jennie came to realize that Yoga was so much more than poses, and that it enriched her life in ways she never expected.

After years of toying with the idea of becoming a yoga instructor and bringing yoga to others, Jennie finally found a yoga teacher training program that would be a perfect fit for her. She enrolled in the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training at Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios in Southington, CT, and graduated in May 2018 as a certified Yoga Instructor.

Jennie has since joined the Bloom Team as a Prenatal Yoga Instructor. She holds her students’ wellbeing in sacred appreciation during her time with them, guiding them as they find connections in their yoga practice through movement, breathing and meditation.  


Jillian has always been excited about educating herself in the fields of health and fitness. She has been a member of the Bloom Community from the first days the doors opened in CT, and she embraces the philosohpies shared at the studio. A dancer her entire life, she has been a dance instructor for 25 years, as well as working professionally.

Jillian began teaching Group Fitness classes in 1997, as an AFAA certified instructor. Her love of dance and fitness brought her to yoga. She has been a dedicated yoga student for over 15 years, and truly believes everyone should integrate yoga into their fitness training. As a mom of four, she is certain of two things:


Fitness should be fun - it's usually the only hour of the day we have to ourselves. Additioanlly, the strength, balance, and confidence earned while working toward your health and fitness goals will carry through to every aspect of your life!




Julianne is a certified yoga instructor (RYT 200) who completed her yoga teacher training at Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios under the guidance of Bethany Wallace, Renee Braunsdorf, Morgan Wallace, and Julie Wallace. She began practicing yoga regularly over 15 years ago and was immediately hooked by the mind-body-spirit integration of the practice. Through her teaching, Julianne seeks to guide her students through a reconnection to their own bodies and an ability to access their own wisdom. She has a particular passion for sharing yoga with with moms and moms-to-be, as she found participating in prenatal yoga to be such a rewarding experience. Outside of the studio, Julianne is an experienced classroom teacher (M.Ed), loves making music and raising her three littles.



Karin takes a student-centered approach to teaching. Whether leading pre or postnatal, traditional hatha, or senior mat and chair classes, Karin encourages communication to better meet the needs of each unique individual, and then designs each practice based on participant requests. It's Karin's hope that you leave every class feeling encouraged, challenged, nurtured, nourished, and proud. 


Karin is a Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor who has been leading classes 
throughout Connecticut since 2007. She also holds an MA in Literature and Creative Writing and some of her stories and poems appear in print and online. She has been a social service worker and college professor and is currently the proud mother of two beautiful daughters. Most importantly, Karin loves to learn and to laugh -- often at the same time.





Kelly is a Certified Yoga Instructor and completed her yoga teacher training right here at Bloom in May 2018.   After spending years of never making it to class, she decided the only way to never miss would be to become the instructor! 

In addition to her 200-hour teacher training, she received 50 hours from Josh Summer’s School of Yin Yoga in the Traditional Chinese Meridian Module.  Although she enjoys Yin, her favorite class to teach is Power.   Kelly is known for always ending her classes with the metta prayer, ‘May you be filled with love and kindness, may you be at peace, and may you always find something to be thankful for’ and tries to live by it each day.

When Kelly’s not on her mat, she is active in her community and loves spending time with her two adorable dogs.




Kimie always enjoyed an active lifestyle and believed in the importance of caring for your body through exercise and balanced nutrition. She turned to yoga in 2005 as a means to help deal with the stress of being a young mother, with a demanding job in a corporate environment. In 2014, Kimie started yoga and fitness classes at Bloom, which helped her find the balance and clarity she needed to make positive changes in her life. She immediately connected with the community, and through regular practice was able to connect the mind, body and spirit. In May 20016, she completed the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Bloom and became a yoga instructor.  She is excited to help others find their own balance by providing a positive and safe environment for them to come and work on achieving their own goals. Above all else, she believes in being present and following your own personal path to joy.




Kristen’s passion for wellness emerged in 2012 when she discovered the Bloom Community in her hometown.  After making some important and significant lifestyles changes to her nutritional approach, Kristen began to slowly incorporate both strength and cardio workouts offered at the Bloom studio.  These changes resulted in substantial weight loss for Kristen but more significantly, an overall improvement in her health, happiness, balance, and well-being.  Kristen’s approach to wellness is holistic, integrating mind, body, and spirit for overall health.  Kristen began subbing for fitness classes in 2013 and by 2014, was a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA  (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America). Kristen's primary focus as an instructor is ensuring that all participants are challenging their own bodies, regardless of size, shape, or fitness level, and she deeply believes that the journey to well-being is personal and unique for each traveler.  Kristen continues to participate at Bloom regularly as a student and considers herself  a lifelong learner in self-improvement.  Kristen works full-time as a public school administrator and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Bryn Mawr College, a Master’s degree in Geological Sciences from Indiana University,  and a Sixth-Year Degree in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University.




The search for a balance of strength and compassion led Lexie to yoga in 2012. At the time, she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in public relations at Quinnipiac University while commuting to New York City for her modeling career. Yoga proved to be the missing piece in an overly hectic lifestyle. Shortly after her first few classes, Lexie began practicing regularly at Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios. The unique blend of strength, flexibility and wisdom inherent within yoga allowed Lexie the opportunity to grow in mind, body and spirit. A natural progression and love for the practice compelled her to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2014 at Bloom under the counsel of Julie Wallace, Renee Braunsdorf, Bethany Wallace and Morgan Wallace. Lexie is now a registered yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance with a master’s degree in public relations. She continues to further her understanding and knowledge of yoga and its far reaching effects in the hopes of providing a positive and meaningful experience for her students.




Lisa first discovered yoga over fifteen years ago while looking to heal her body from a car accident and relieve stress from the daily grind of the corporate environment. In her classes, she strives to share her passion for yoga with others while promoting a tranquil space to heal from within. She completed her 200 and 300-hour yoga teacher training, and 95-hour children’s yoga teacher training through Bhogah Yoga school and is registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT® 500, RCYT®. Having a deep interest in the yin style, Lisa took her yin training with Heather Tiddens and restorative training with Jillian Pransky. Lisa has also had the fortune to practice with and learn from Tao Porchon-Lynch, Dharma Mittra, Rodney Yee, Shiva Rea, Bo Forbes, Leslie Kaminoff, Seane Corn, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Gary Kraftsow, Sarah Powers, and Gurmukh and looks forward to continuously learning from gurus and students. Lisa has also been attuned to Reiki II through Lotus Moon Studios and is on the path to Reiki Master. Lisa values yoga as a means to re-energize, challenge, and heal the body, mind, and spirit and weaves these principles into her classes. 



Marilyn is just as likely to be next to you in yoga class as she is to be in front of you. Teaching yoga is a natural extension of her love affair with the practice, and even as a teacher, Marilyn believes it is important to continue to be a student of yoga.

Marilyn completed her yoga teacher training with Bloom Yoga in May 2016, when she graduated and became registered with Yoga Alliance. In addition to regularly attending classes at Bloom, she explores new classes wherever she goes. From Acro to Aerial, from a deep twisting workshop with Kino MacGregor in New York to Hip Hop Glow Yoga in Florida, and from Level 2 Yoga in Utah to Rachel Brathen's Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga in Aruba, Marilyn is continuously exploring for inspiration and ideas from experienced teachers.

Marilyn is a preschool teacher and licensed child care provider. She has cared for children in her Southington home for over 30 years. When not down-dogging or diapering, she enjoys gardening, crafting, and hiking. Oh, and laughing - lots of laughing.




Nicole is a graduate of Bloom's 200 hour yoga teacher training program. Initially being introduced to yoga in 2002, it wasn't until 2010 that yoga became an integral part of Nicole's life. After being drawn back into her practice to rehab a running injury, she soon learned yoga's power to heal much more than physical injuries. Teaching VinyasaFit comes naturally to Nicole; a practice focused on building strength and power, with a cool down focused on stretching out tight areas. When not practicing yoga Nicole can be found being a MRI technologist, running and volunteering with Hartford Marathon Foundation, traveling, visiting breweries, and enjoying life.




Patty is an avid exercise and health enthusiast who has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She began her journey in 1991 as an aerobics instructor for the YMCA, and the Fitness Center for Women. Throughout the years Patty also taught various adult Fitness Programs offered by her residential town, and had the honor of teaching fitness classes for the Army National Guard.


In 2014, Patty began pursuing her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training through Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios. In May of 2015 she completed her certification and became a Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance. She hopes to share all that she has learned with others, helping them to improve their health, wellbeing, and vitality.


Patty’s teaching style draws inspiration from a multitude of fitness disciplines including cardiovascular training, strength training and various styles of yoga. Her classes provide a safe and enjoyable environment, with a strong focus on each client’s unique abilities and needs. She is thrilled to have joined the team at Bloom at looks forward to sharing her passion for yoga and fitness with others.




Promoting health and healing – for herself and others – have always been central values in Renee’s life. After earning her Masters in Social Work from Florida State University, she practiced the art of psychotherapy for many years. Also, as an avid participant in numerous forms of physical exercise, Renee has always been cognizant of the importance of attending to the physical realm in promoting total health. Despite the satisfactions of her work and her workouts, something was missing in her quest for a sense of peace and wellbeing. In the summer of 2004, she attended her first yoga class and was immediately impressed with yoga’s comprehensive attention to the development of the whole person – the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual. It was through her yoga practice and teacher training that Renee first experienced the profound peace that can occur through the connection of mind, body, and spirit in asana practice, breath work, and yogic teachings.Renee strives to maintain a consistent yoga practice on and off the mat, and has been teaching since 2007. She is a graduate of Kim Valeri’s YOGAspirit Studios 200 hour teacher training program. She has also studied Vinyasa, Tantra Hatha Yoga, Anusara, Power Yoga, Yoga Tune Up, and Sanskrit with Seane corn, Kitty Moore, Anne Greene and Todd Norian, Rolf Gates, Jill Miller, Sadie Nardini and Manorama. In June 2009, she receive her certification to teach seniors from the Lotus Gardens Yoga Teacher Training Program. She teaches chair and standing yoga to seniors at Pond Ridge Assisted Living Program in Wallingford, Connecticut. Renee’s true passion is to use her yoga teacher training to help combat veterans. She became certified in October 2009 as a Yoga Warrior instructor in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and The Mind-Body connection from the Central Mass Yoga Institute with Lucy Cimini.Renee’s classes are eclectic, drawing from many different yogic styles. She believes in building a bridge between the practice on the mat and daily life. Renee designs her classes to be a balance of hard work and playfulness.





Health and fitness is a passion of Sarah’s and her goal is making fitness fun for everyone! She fell in love with Bloom back in 2013 and completed a fitness apprenticeship during the summer of 2018 under the leadership of Morgan, Bethany and Julie Wallace. She loves incorporating yoga and exercise for a complete fitness experience!

When Sarah isn’t teaching fitness classes at Bloom, she’s teaching her first graders and spending time with her own two boys and husband. Leading an active and healthy lifestyle is center to Sarah’s beliefs for balance and happiness. She joins Bloom to spread her enthusiasm for fitness to her students and to encourage others to realize the importance of taking time for themselves to enhance health, confidence, balance and joy in their lives!





Shannon’s passion for fitness began during her school years through athletics and group fitness classes. In recent years, she has developed a love for yoga, focusing on an overall wellness and connection of the mind, body, and spirit.

Her journey as an instructor began in 2018 when she completed her fitness apprenticeship here at Bloom. Additionally, Shannon completed her 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Bloom Yoga School in 2019 and looks forward to furthering her knowledge of yoga on and off that mat.

Shannon is a full-time high school Spanish teacher who is passionate about getting her students to step out of their comfort zones and experience other cultures via foreign language and travel. She has a natural instinct to guide others in learning and in practice towards their personal goals, no matter what level they are at.




Shawna aims to provide a safe space to explore the physical limits of your body with compassion and acceptance.  A place where you can plant your sitz bones into the earth while the crown of your head reaches into the clouds. A place to experiment with finding your edge, using movement, flow, and strength to create space for the universe to flow within you. 


Yoga allowed Shawna to grow, to accept what is, and to be her authentic self.  Shawna found the magic of yoga in the 80’s at Kripalu, when her mother dragged her surly adolescent sitz bones to a weekend of yoga, meditation, and healthy food.  Although not front and center, yoga was always there in the background of her life for support and grounding.  So, it was no surprise to her when she found herself living at Kripalu in the mid-1990s, where she found a safe place to reconnect with her body and discover compassion for herself that had been lost.  It was during this stay at Kripalu that she found hot yoga and her world would never be the same, although it would be years before yoga became a constant in her life.  

After leaving Kripalu, Shawna traveled across the country, coached high school cross country in Beverly Hills and worked as an ACE & AFAA certified trainer in Hollywood.  In 2006, Shawna earned her spinning certification from Madd Dog Athletics.  In 2017, Shawna became a certified RRCA running coach.  In 2019, Shawna completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. Most recently, Shawna trained with Morgan N in Yoga Sculpt.


Shawna is an attorney during the day and teaches Yoga Sculpt regularly and looks forward to expanding her contribution to Bloom as the need exists.  Shawna’s true love is running, and she has been a runner from the time she was 8 years old, and she ran competitively in high school and at the collegiate level.  You may see Shawna out on the streets and trails of Southington as she continues to run (not so competitively) 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons.





Stacie's passion for Fitness started eight years ago when she began her own journey towards living a healthier lifestyle. She fell in love with Bloom four years ago and most recently completed a Fitness Apprenticeship under the leadership of Morgan Wallace.


For Stacie, fitness and exercise is about so much more than what you achieve physically, but also about what you gain mentally. Stacie believes in a mind, body and soul approach to fitness. She concentrates on pushing you to your edge while empowering you and motivating you throughout your workout with positive energy and encouraging affirmations.




Dr. Tony Aniello first started practicing yoga in 2004 coinciding with injury, surgeries and recovery from collegiate athletics. He attributes a mindful practice to help prevent injury and illness as well as a way to heal and purify the body and mind.  In 2010 Tony completed his 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training at West Hartford Yoga and is currently completing his 500-Hour Training under Sri Dharma Mittra.  In 2011 Tony received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Hartford and finds that his Yoga and PT background help in serving his students.

Tony has experience teaching Power, Gentle, Yin, Restorative, and Chair Yoga classes.  He states “I have much gratitude towards my teachers and I hope to offer what I have learned to my students”