Restorative yoga allows us the opportunity to slow down, turn inward, and repair and restore our bodies, minds and spirits. During this transformative training, participants will learn the art of guiding students through a Restorative Yoga practice through the use of props, music, guided relaxation techniques, and healing hands-on offerings. This training will provide a unique blend of learning through lecture & discussion, demonstration, practice teaching and partner/group work, and participation in a Restorative Yoga workshop. Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to confidently guide students through a Restorative practice in a variety of formats- private lessons, small group classes, and large group workshops; and they will leave with a strong understanding and foundation in the benefits of a variety of Restorative Yoga Poses.


What You Will Learn:

- Over 15 Restorative poses including application, use of props, correct alignment, and suggestions for verbal cues.

- How to sequence a class and how to work with clients individually, in small groups, and in large group workshops

- The benefits of Restorative Yoga including the physical, neurological, psychological, and energetic benefits.

- How to work with a variety of body types and physical limitations.

- A guide to the Relaxation Response and the direct effect Restorative Yoga has on the Parasympathetic Nervous system.


What You Will Receive:

- A Certificate of Completion

- 15 hours of CEUs through Yoga Alliance

- Detailed manual written by Bethany including images of all poses

- Comprehensive list of additional resources and recommended reading


Who this training is for:

- Anyone whose profession or calling involves Helping/Healing including, but not limited to, Yoga Teachers, Body Workers/Massage Therapists, Nurses, Therapists, and Health Coaches.


Cost: $395




Friday February 7th 6:00pm-8:30pm

Saturday February 8th 10am-6pm

Sunday February 9th 10am-6pm


92 N Summit Street Southington, CT 06489 | 860-620-4530 |


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