Our next RESET begins on Thursday, April 8!

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We are thrilled to introduce you to our new 14 Day RESET: A Mind, Body, and Spirit challenge designed to help you kick off the Spring Season with health, energy, and joy! This Online Program will guide you through a 14 day nutritional cleanse, as well as guided workouts, yoga flows, and more. The program includes live coaching sessions with your Health Coach, Julie, via Zoom Meetings; guided workouts and yoga flows that you can complete at your own pace; PDF downloads with writing prompts and inspiration; and so much more. In addition, all participants will receive access to our private RESET Facebook Group, where we’ll be posting daily with inspiration, accountability, recipes, and more. All you’ll need in order to participate is a device with internet access, a set of weights, and a yoga mat!

Here’s how the program will be structured:


• The first 4 days of the RESET are considered your PREP Phase. Julie will go live via Zoom Meetings on Thursday, April 8 to outline the details of the program and get you mentally prepared and ready for the cleanse. You’ll then have through Sunday, April 11 to grocery shop and prepare your mind and spirit!

• Then, on Monday April 12, the Cleanse Phase of the RESET will kick off! You’ll be led through 10 days of simple, clean eating, including 4 LIVE Coaching Sessions with Julie to keep you motivated and on track. All Live Sessions will be recorded and added to your archive, so if you are unable to join us live you’ll be able to revisit them and view them at your own pace. The cleanse is straightforward and doable, and you’ll be given all of the tools needed to succeed - including a 125 Page PDF Guidebook, shopping list, recipes, daily log, motivation, education, community, and support. The RESET emphasizes whole, nutrient dense foods that were created in nature…. no expensive supplements or shakes required, no counting calories, no weigh ins (unless you choose), and no going hungry. It is all about getting back to the basics with delicious whole foods, so that you can cultivate a greater sense of balance and long-term health and wellbeing. 

• In addition to the guided cleanse and 4 Live Coaching Sessions with Julie, you’ll receive a variety of Sessions each week to complete at your own pace. These sessions will include everything from invigorating workouts with options for all levels, soothing yoga flows, writing prompts, etc. - all designed to help align you with health
and vibrance. 
You follow along with the daily class schedule as outlined, or choose to create your own schedule and complete only the classes that resonate with you and your body… it’s completely up to you!

• Lastly, you’ll receive access to our private Facebook Group where you can connect with your Health Coach and fellow participants. We’ll be posting daily in the group with check ins, inspiration, recipes, and more - all intended to keep you motivated and connected.

The RESET will kick off on Thursday, April 8 with a LIVE Lunch Break Coaching Session, and will conclude with an inspiring Closing Session on Wednesday, April 21.

The RESET begins on
Thursday, April 8!



Your daily schedule is as follows...

  1. Thursday, April 8: 4 Day Prep Phase begins! LIVE Lunch Break Coaching Session at 12:30pm with Julie

  2. Friday, April 9: Yoga Sculpt with Weights

  3. Saturday, April 10: How to Shop for the RESET video with Julie / PDF Shopping List /  Multi Level Flow Yoga

  4. Sunday, April 11: PDF Download with Intention Setting & Self Contract for the RESET / Barre Express + Cardio

  5. Monday, April 12: 10 Day Cleanse Phase begins! LIVE Lunch Break Coaching Session at 12:30pm with Julie

  6. Tuesday, April 13: VinyasaFit class

  7. Wednesday, April 14: Multi Level Yoga Flow

  8. Thursday, April 15: LIVE Lunch Break Coaching Session at 12:30pm with Julie

  9. Friday, April 16: Lower Body Sculpt class

  10. Saturday, April 17: Upper Body and Abs

  11. Sunday, April 18: Gentle Yoga Flow

  12. Monday, April 19: LIVE Lunch Break Coaching Session at 12:30pm with Julie

  13. Tuesday, April 20: Full Body Barre

  14. Wednesday, April 21: Abs + Glutes / Closing Video with Julie


*Replays for all Live Sessions will remain available in your account for you to watch at your convenience


Total cost of the 14 Day RESET is just $39 including Live Coaching Sessions via Zoom, daily sessions (including yoga flows, guided workouts, writing prompts, and much more), a PDF download of the RESET Manual, and private Facebook Group for members. 

*Please note, our RESET is being hosted through Bloom Online (this program is completely separate from the MindBody system we use for our in-house classes). You will need to create a brand new account and register with Bloom Online to get started. If you have studio credits available that you'd like to use towards your RESET purchase - please email us at info@bloomyogafitness.com and we will convert your credit into a coupon to be used towards Bloom Online!

Here are the steps to register: