Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios of Southington, CT offers yoga, barre, and boutique fitness classes to the Southington, Cheshire, Bristol, Plainville, Wolcott, Berlin, and Prospect areas

Hi there! We're Julie, Bethany, and Morgan Wallace - a Mother / Daughter Team and the owners of Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios. We are so happy to welcome you to our Bloom Family and to share a piece of our story with you. 

We established Bloom in 2010 with the mission of creating a welcoming space for healing within our local community. The name Bloom is a reference to the Lotus Flower. 


The Lotus begins its journey deep within a dark and muddy pool. As it begins its period of growth it must persevere and push its way through the mud. This grueling process persists until the Lotus finally blooms – bursting through the dirty waters and blossoming clean and glorious above it. Such is the story of Bloom.

You see, the three of us discovered Yoga when we were deep within the "mud" of life. Life had handed us some challenging years (both individually and as a family). In a quest to discover healing, we all happened to stumble our way onto the yogic path. The philosophy of Yoga felt like food for our hungry souls, and we began to study and practice as much as possible. Yoga offered us a thread of light and hope during a dark period of time. It helped us to move through our challenges with grace so that we could bloom into our full potential. 🌸 

As the years passed, we finally started to embrace our journey through the "mud" and began to emerge above it. Eventually, we knew that it was time for us to help others bloom too. This is how the inspiration for our Studio was born, and in 2010 we opened our doors in a small, 1200 square foot space. 


One yogi at a time, our Bloom Family began to grow. In 2011 we moved into our current home and have grown to occupy 3 large studio spaces, a Training Center, and a full-service Spa. We opened the Bloom Yoga School and began a 200 Hour Teacher Training Program, as well as a Holistic Life Coach Certification program.

While our Studio has grown substantially over the years, the mission and the heart of our business has always remained the same. Every day we strive to create a warm and welcoming space where you can come to find balance, health, wellbeing, and community. A place where you can confront your own "mud," embrace it, and BLOOM above it. A place where you feel at home, and where you know that you
are accepted and loved as family. 

We offer a variety of innovative Yoga and Fitness Classes with a focus on community and body positivity. We host several Holistic Life Coaching Workshops and Private Sessions with a focus on inspiring your mind and your spirit. We offer Professional Trainings so that the philosophy of Yoga can continue to ripple out into the world. And we aim to empower our community through regular monthly donations to local charitable causes, our annual Yoga Teacher Training Diversity Scholarships, our Work-to-Practice Program, and our donation-based "Yoga for a Cause" events.

We would be honored for you to become a part of our community!

Oh - and P.S. - here's one more interesting fact about the Lotus... A single flower only lasts about 3-4 days before it begins its process of blooming all over again. Yet, as one flower sinks back into the mud another lotus emerges. So, while each flower's life cycle is brief, a group of them in a temperate area can bloom for several months at a time (or even year round) - collectively creating one of the longest blooming periods amongst all perennial plants. Isn't this the same as life? The mud is never really over, and life will always have its challenges. But TOGETHER, as a Bloom Family, we can embrace our mud collectively, find beauty in our growth cycles, and help each other to emerge into the light again, and again, and again.


Julie, Bethany, & Morgan