Featured Story: Bridget C.

"Bloom changed my life for the better!  I started at Bloom in 2013 taking the 28 Day RESET Program.  It had been almost 2 years after having my 5th child and I hated the way I felt both physically and mentally.  This program has been life altering in more ways than one.  It was an eye opener to our food industry and what we are truly putting into our bodies.  The support throughout the program was truly miraculous and made making dietary and fitness changes a daily habit and my lifestyle.  This program is not a diet, it is a lifestyle transformation for the better!" -Bridget C.



Hi everyone! My name's Julie Wallace and I'll be your Coach throughout the 28 Day RESET Program.
Prior to becoming a Weight Loss coach and designing the RESET, I was just a regular Mom doing my best to make healthy choices for myself and my family. I spent years on the “diet roller coaster” trying one fad diet after the next without achieving lasting results. It was not until 2009, during my 6-week Yoga Teacher Training in India that things began to change.

I went from eating a typical American diet of processed foods, sugar, caffeine (oh how I loved my diet coke!), and alcohol, to a diet of locally grown fruits and vegetables, fresh water, and a sparing amount of whole grains. No sugar, no dairy, no alcohol, no fun… (just kidding about that last part, of course!). While I found the cuisine to be challenging to say the least, I was amazed to find that I had never looked or felt better in my adult life. I lost over 20 pounds and my skin took on a youthful glow that I hadn’t sported since my 20’s. Of course, when I returned from India one of the first priorities on my to-do list was to “treat” myself to a giant bacon cheeseburger, complete with fries and an ice cold beer. Within 30 minutes I found myself in the fetal position, as my purified body began to reject this so-called food.

Something about this experience caused me to question everything I had ever known about food and nutrition. I realized that my diet in India had a lot to teach me about health and I began a voracious quest to understand food – it’s history, the way it’s processed and marketed; the way it effects our bodies; and most importantly, my emotional ties and attachments to it. I discovered how eating clean, simple, and locally grown foods offered a means to heal, and create balance within my body and mind. I then became a certified Weight Loss coach under the direction of Doctor Johnny Bowden and developed the RESET program. 

The RESET Program is a life changing and proven system that will create lasting results. This program is not a miracle fix or a fad; it’s about making positive changes in your lifestyle that will improve your health and wellbeing for the long run. Whether your goals pertain to weight loss and management, improving your nutrition, or preventing and reversing disease – I can promise that all of these things and MORE are possible through the RESET, and I’ll be here with you every step of the way. Let's get this party started!



  • To regulate weight

  • To improve energy and quality of sleep

  • To prevent and reverse disease

  • To reduce the symptoms of inflammatory diseases

  • To slow the aging process

  • To clear your skin and improve your complexion

  • To regulate blood pressure and blood sugar

  • To heal your digestive system and ward off gastrointestinal issues

  • To reduce bloating 

  • To heal your relationship with food and understand your emotional ties to eating

  • To gain a deeper understanding of nutrition

  • To connect with a like-minded community and receive support and accountability

  • To become educated and empowered about food, and to cultivate a new understanding and
    appreciation for healthy living



Our Online version of the RESET utilizes Facebook to facilitate the program. Upon registering, you'll receive a PDF file of the RESET Manual and an email invitation to join a private Facebook group. This Group is exclusive to you and your fellow RESET participants. The Facebook group will act as our online "meeting place" throughout the program. Here, you can meet and interact with fellow participants, and receive support and encouragement. In addition we'll have weekly meetings via Facebook live. 

Julie will coach you through our 28 Day Program - which consists of a 7 Day Prep week, followed by 21 days of clean eating. It's simple and do-able, and you are going to feel and look AMAZING once it's complete!


Each Monday at 7pm, Julie will post a one hour video meeting through Facebook Live. Tune in, sit back, and relax as she provides you with education, inspiration, and support. You can even interact and ask questions in live time! Can't participate live? No problem. Simply log in and watch the video at any time it's convenient for you! 

Every day Julie will share inspiring posts, RESET-friendly recipes, tips and recipes to survive the Holiday Season, check-ins, and more - to help hold you accountable, keep you connected, and keep you on track towards success.

This holistic and comprehensive program will not only focus on changing your diet, but also on weeding out the negative habits and thought patterns that lie within your mind and spirit – allowing you to heal your entire being from the inside out and to set a platform for lasting success.

The RESET Program is accessible and easy to follow, and participants will discover all of the tools necessary to help them achieve lasting success.



"The biggest change for me has been how much better my IBS has been... I had constant stomach problems and for the past year they have cleared up by 90%.  And I believe it made going through menopause, drug free, much easier.  This program was the basis of a much healthier lifestyle for me to follow." - Joanne W.

The above testimonials and featured stories are of real clients who experienced wonderful results through 1 or more sessions on the RESET. While these results aren't guaranteed for everyone, they are very much possible and proven by these wonderful Bloom members!


  • A PDF Copy of the RESET Manual: Receive your very own PDF copy of the RESET Manual - a beautifully designed and written 70+ page guidebook. 

  • Access to a Private RESET Facebook group: Receive exclusive access to a private RESET Facebook group. Our Facebook group will act as our online "meeting place" throughout the program. Here, you can meet your fellow participants, share recipes, cheer each other on, ask questions, and receive daily support and motivation from Julie. Additionally, weekly videos will be posted from Julie packed with education and support.


  • Weekly Videos Via Facebook Live: Video meetings will be held online each week, via Facebook Live. There is nothing required of you during this meeting but to sit back, relax, and tune in as Julie provides valuable education, support, and encouragement. You’ll even have the opportunity to share feedback and ask questions in live time! Not able to watch the video live? No problem! It will remain available in the RESET Facebook Group to view at any time you'd like!


  • Recipe Share: Julie will share her favorite RESET friendly recipes throughout the entire program!

  • Daily Portion List, Grocery Shopping List, Sample Day of Meals, etc: The RESET manual includes everything you need to succeed - including portions, a list of RESET friendly foods, recipes, sample day of meals, etc. 

  • Daily Log: You'll receive your own log book, where you'll have the opportunity to set a daily intention, record your meals, quality of sleep, etc. This will provide you with the opportunity to track your results and will help you to stay focused. ​​

  • Email Support: Julie will be there to support you throughout every step of your journey. She will provide you with her personal email so that you can contact her for support whenever needed.


Total cost of the Online RESET is just $79

(Non-refundable and non-transferable. 24 Hour Cancellation Policy applies. Studio Credit only, if cancelled within 24 hours.)

The program begins on Wednesday, May 6 and ends on Wednesday, May 27.
Live videos will air on Wednesday evenings from 6:30pm-7:30pm: 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, and 5/27. 

You will need a Facebook Account in order to participate, so that you can access the exclusive RESET Group, and watch the Live Videos.


A link to join the Facebook Group will be emailed to you by Monday, May 4 and a PDF Copy of the RESET Manual will be sent on the morning of our first meeting (Wednesday, May 6). 

All are welcome to participate - you do not have to be a Bloom client in order to join!


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