A 2-week yoga challenge - FREE for Bloom Online Members!

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How it Works: Calling all Bloom Online members! Join us for our first ever Bloom Crew Challenge. This 14
day Yoga Challenge is
FREE for Members! It's designed to foster community and connection, and to help hold you accountable in your yoga and self care practices. We will kick off the Challenge together on Monday, May 3.

Each day features a brand new yoga flow! Follow along with our Daily Calendar (linked below), or pick and choose the classes that suit you best. The goal of the challenge is to complete at least 5 yoga classes per week, but you can complete as many or as few classes as you'd like. All members of the Challenge are encouraged to join our free community Facebook group, where we'll be cheering one another on and holding each other accountable. You'll even have the chance to win a FREE month of Bloom Online for participating. Scroll down to get started!

Step 1: Join Bloom Online
Join Bloom Online! This Challenge is exclusive to Bloom Online Members and is FREE with the cost of your membership. We offer a 10 Day Free Trial for Bloom Online, after which the cost is just $24 per month. Click here to learn more about Bloom Online and get started with your 10 Day Free Trial!

Step 2: Print the Calendar!
Download the PDF of our 14 Day Challenge Calendar here! Save it on your device or print it out and hang it on the fridge, then get ready to follow along with our daily classes and flows.

Step 3 (OPTIONAL): Enter to Win!
All participants of the Bloom Crew Challenge have the chance to win a FREE month of Bloom Online! To win you'll need to fulfill all of the following: You must be an active Bloom Online member (join here). You must join the free Facebook Group here and comment on the weekly check in posts (to be posted the Friday of each week during the Challenge). You must fill out the official Challenge Raffle Entry Form here (this will act as your Raffle Ticket!)

Step 4: Ready, Set, CHALLENGE! 

Login at to view our daily classes and get started! Watch the video below for instructions on how to access daily classes!

We begin on Monday, May 3!