• NEARLY 60 YOGA & FITNESS CLASSES PER WEEK - Including Barre, Kickboxing, Yoga Sculpt, Power Yoga, Gentle Yoga, and much more.
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAININGS - Including a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, and a Life Coaching Certification Program.

I was looking for a Yoga studio near where I live and came across Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios. I am so glad I did! I really enjoy all the classes they offer and I always leave feeling relaxed, happy, and peaceful. All the instructors are very friendly and knowledgeable and the environment is very welcoming. Another great thing that I appreciate is that they offer classes everyday and at different hours throughout the day. So I can always make it work with my schedule.
- FEI C.

A SPA-LIKE ATMOSPHERE - Enjoy an invigorating class in one of our spacious studios. End your class in a guided relaxation with one of Bloom's signature cool towels, infused with essential oils. Rinse off in a hot shower - we've got clean, fluffy white towels ready for you. Pour yourself a cup of our complimentary organic tea, and head out the door feeling like a million bucks!
NEARLY 60 YOGA & FITNESS CLASSES PER WEEK - We've got class times to accommodate every schedule, and enough variety to keep your wellness routine fun and interesting! From calming yoga flows, to powerful cardio workouts, and everything in between - you are certain to find a class
you'll love.
A PROGRAM FOR EVERY FITNESS BACKGROUND, AND ABILITY - Yoga novice, fitness junkie, couch potato, long-time yogi... you name it! We've got a program to suit your needs.
A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO FITNESS - You've never experienced Fitness like this before. We provide you with a holistic experience that not only benefits the body, but also the mind and spirit! You'll leave feeling refreshed & rejuvinated after every class!
A SUPPORTIVE AND WELCOMING COMMUNITY - We know how intimitdating it can feel to walk into a new and unfamiliar studio or fitness center. You won't find any yoga snobs here... just a kind, welcoming, and supportive community of instructors, staff, and friends.

I am a novice yogi.  I have been practicing for less than a month.  I highly recommend Bloom for all people! From beginners, to young people, older people, everyone fits in here.  There's no pressure and many modifications for all types of people.  The unlimited class package is an unbeatable deal. Lots of class times make it easy to go multiple times a week and enjoy different classes.  I go four times a week! I highly recommend Bloom to all people.
- AMY T.

Bloom was created by a Mother / Daughter team:
Julie Wallace and her daughters, Morgan and Bethany Wallace
Our team has grown throughout the years into a tribe of dedicated instructors, receptionists, volunteers, and of course - our amazing clients who inspire us every single day. Come join the family!
1. CHECK OUT OUR TRIAL PASS:  With over 20 different instructors and 60 different classes per week it can be nearly impossible to get an accurate impression of the studio in just one visit. For this reason we've designed a New Client Trial Pass for anyone who's new to Bloom. Receive consecutive 14 days of classes for just $25 (includes access to one Fitness Class, and one Yoga Class per day) and see what Bloom is all about! 
2. TRY EVERYTHING: Sometimes it will take a little bit of experimenting before finding the classes that are right for you. We encourage you to try as many instructors and class styles as possible in order to figure out which style you love the most!
3. GET FAMILIAR WITH OUR CLASSES: Take some time to review our Class Descriptions to determine which class might be the best fit for you. We offer slow and gentle yoga practices, heated power flows, upbeat cardio workouts, and everything in between.
4. SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME: We recommend signing up for your class in advance to ensure that your spot is reserved. This can be done online through our Class Schedule or by calling us at 860-620-4530.
5. GET COMFORATBLE: Wear comfy clothes that you can easily move and stretch in. Activewear or yoga wear is recommended.
6. ARRIVE EARLY: Arrive around 15 minutes early for your first class so that you have enough time to settle in and get accomodated with the studio.
7. FOLLOW ETIQUETTE: To help keep a peaceful ambiance we have just a few etiquette tips to keep in mind:
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early.
  • Avoid wearing perfume or smoking immediately prior to class.
  • Turn your cell phone off.
  • Keep your voice low when you're in or around the studio spaces.
  • If you signed up for class but can't make it - cancel your reservation so that someone else can take your spot.
More on etiquette and other FAQ can be found here.
8. KEEP AN OPEN MIND: Believe it or not, the owner of Bloom, Julie, has admitted that she absolutely hated her first yoga class. She felt awkward and stiff and found it impossible to relax…. But after 5 or 6 visits she started to feel more at home, and over time she fell completely in love with it – enough so, that she decided to open her very own yoga studio. So be patient with yourself and give it a few classes before making up your mind… you never know, you may fall totally in love with your yoga practice just like Julie did!
9. MAKE YOURSELF AT HOME: We love for our clients to take advantage of all the great things we offer! Come early and hang out in our Meditation garden. Help yourself to a cup of complimentary tea. Check out our beautiful new Spa, Verbena Holistic Center, and treat yourself to an Organic Massage. Bloom is a big family... make yourself at home!
Check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about how to prepare for your
first visit to Bloom (such as which class we recommend starting with, what to bring, etc)
Come and see what we're all about. Our Trial Pass is the most cost effective way to begin.

New Clients receive 14 Consecutive Days of Classes for just $25
(includes up to one yoga class, and one fitness class per day!)